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yt:video:c0dQ-KkTbA4 c0dQ-KkTbA4 UCwpEh2vYgZiRPUeRlEAU8WA When you are starting a new website, it's very important not to do too much "SEO" in the beginning. It's too easy to trip a filter in Google, which will make it that much tougher to rank well quickly. What I recommend is setting up your major social profiles, perhaps get whatever press is relevant to your business, and then blog like crazy. After a few months, you can then start to revert back to normal link building. Doing this ironically will help you rank better more quickly because you will fly under Google's radar and mimic what a major new company would do. I go into much more depth on this topic on our blog, which you can see at For more SEO tips, see our playlist at

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